Voice Communication app Lalalama Joins TNW Boost

Lalalama, the hands-free voice messaging app is one of 20 startups hand-picked out of 300 to join The Next Web (TNW) Startup Growth Program, Boost

New York - TNW USA Conference, December 2014

Voice communication app Lalalama, has been selected to join the TNW Startup Growth Program Boost. The program is part of TNW USA Conference 2014. It is designed to help 20 out of 300 promising new startups raise seed funding.

The most intuitive vehicle of human communication is voice. Yet, one-third of Americans prefer texts to voice calls. Four per cent of cell owners do not make or receive any voice calls on an average day. Busy schedules, different time zones and changing habits dictate a shift from synchronous to asynchronous communication.

For people accustomed to messaging, a phone call often feels disruptive and inconvenient. Nevertheless, so much context is lost in text: tone, humor, emotion. Moreover, texting requires users to be fully engaged with their mobile devices. Recently, texting has been linked with spinal damage, not to mention car accidents. The answer is voice communication.

Lalalama is ahead of the curve. Along with iOS 8 and Whatsapp ‘voice texting’ capabilities, a handful of new voice-centered mobile applications are also gaining traction. However, Lalalama offers a full voice communication experience. Far beyond delivering walkie-talkie style messages, Lalalama is working to create a collaborative library of knowledge, generated by human voices.

Founded by a joint Israeli Russian team of user-experience experts in 2013, Lalalama is the in-sync asynchronous communication app. Most voice messaging apps require users to be immersed in their mobile device. Lalalama’s design philosophy stands for a hands-free experience. It enables users to record and replay conversations for asynchronous communication seamlessly and hands-free,  perfectly in-sync with their rhythm of life.

Lalalama supports storage and search of long conversation threads between an unlimited number of participants. Lalalama is great for interviews, brainstorming, lectures, public publishing and content discovery.

“Lalalama is simply the missing link in communication evolution,” said Ivan Tihienko, Lalalama founder. “When a phone call is not an option. When writing mails is time consuming, when typing into your mobile device is tedious. When instant communication is not an option because you simply live in a different time or rhythm. When you really want to reach someone and share your idea, thought, emotion. Before it fades in time. Or listen. When you want to hear someone’s laughter, instead of seeing a smiling icon - this is the time to use Lalalama.”

Lalalama will be presenting it in-sync asynchronous communication app at TNW USA Conference in New York on December 10, 2014. To see Lalalama present on stage, vote here.

About Lalalama

Lalalama is a hands-free voice messaging app, designed to help people disengage with their mobile and focus on human connection instead. It enables users to record, store and replay unlimited-length conversations in-sync with their rhythm of life. Lalalama was founded by a joint Israeli Russian team of user-experience experts in 2013, to create a collaborative library of knowledge, generated by human voices. To learn more, visit lalalama.com .

About Boost

The Next Web has partnered with WeTransfer to bring you Boost – a program dedicated to accelerating the growth of early-stage startups from all around the world. Waze, Rapportive and Shutl are just a few of the companies that launched at TNW and were sold for millions. To learn more, visit thenextweb.com/conference/usa/startups .

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